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    We are seasoned collection lawyers

    We have been collecting debts for almost 30 years. Over this time, we have earned a reputation as aggressive debt collection attorneys.

    • We handle all collection matters from simple judgment collection to pre-litigation.
    • We develop clever strategies to collect our clients’ debt.
    • We collect consumer debt which is generally referred to as retail debt collection.
    • We also collect debt from businesses which is typically referred to as commercial collection.

    What makes us different

    Unlike other debt collection firms, you will receive my personal attention. Your file will not be handed off to a paralegal or even an associate attorney. I will handle your matter myself.  I have taken hundreds of cases to trial with great success. My staff may do administrative work on your matter, but I am always available to talk with you about your case, give you status updates and make sure that your collection matter is handled aggressively.

    How we collect debt

    We usually try the nice way first.  We talk to debtors and try to get them on a payment plan, with our clients’ permission of course.  We have found, generally, that when a debtor is committed to a payment plan, debts get paid.

    If the nice way of debt collection does not work, we then resort to such things as:

    • Creditor’s Examinations

      We have debtors served with a subpoena to testify as to their assets. We examine several documents such as their tax returns, pay stubs, documents to vehicles and real estate, businesses and anything else of value.

    • Wage Garnishments

      In Michigan, we can garnish up to 25% of one’s take home pay.

    • Tax Garnishments

      We can seize one’s Michigan income tax refund (not federal).

    • Writs of Seizure

      If we identify assets that a debtor may own including a business, cars, boat, or real estate, we will have these assets seized and sold at auction to get our clients paid.

    • Receiverships

      If a debtor has a business that is a going concern, we will ask the court to appoint a receiver over the business and to have that receiver pay profits over to us. The receiver is an “arm of the court” and thus has many privileges at law. We have had great success with receivers.


    Our clients include:

    1. Landlords: if you have a volume business, we can do the evictions and the collections for you.  We like to get both the monetary and possession judgment against the tenant.  This saves you money and head ache down the road.
    2. Businesses that are owed money by either other businesses or consumers.
    3. People who hold judgments against others.


    Kevin Taylor Collection Attorney in Southfield, Michigan

    If you are owed money by a business or a consumer, call me, Attorney Kevin Taylor at (248) 223-1999 or email me at Kevin@creditor-law.com. I will personally handle your collection matter quickly and get you your money.

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