Frequently Asked Questions

$5,000.00. Except for bounced checks which we will accept a minimum of $1,000. Under Michigan law, we can sue for three times the amount of the check plus $250 in costs.
We charge fees on either a contingency basis or an hourly basis. Most of our work is done on a contingency basis which means that we only get paid a fee if we collect money for you. Even then, we only take our fees out of what we collect.

Costs are out of pocket charges that we have to pay to pursue your case. Costs include the filing fees and motion fees that courts charge. They also include process server fees. We DO NOT charge costs for photocopying (unless there is a great deal of it to be done), telephone calls or any other ancillary office charge. At the beginning of a case, we collect an advance for costs that we will necessarily be charged to pursue your case. While our fees may be contingent upon our collection results, costs are not contingent and must be paid by the client. Fortunately, costs usually are nominal. We do our level best to hold the line on costs. We very rarely exceed our cost estimate. However, if we believe that we might exceed the costs that you have advanced to us, we will contact you prior to exceeding that balance for permission to do so.
A retainer agreement is the contact between the client and attorney. Our retainer agreement specifies our fees, which may be contingent or hourly. The vast majority of our work is done on a contingency basis.
We have focused on debt collection since 1990.
That is hard to say without speaking with you and getting to know more about your case and your debtor. We will certainly have a better feel for the case after we speak and after our collection department reviews your debtor and its assets.
Please fill out the form on the right side of this page and email it to our firm. Or contact Attorney Kevin Taylor for a retainer agreement.
Probably so. We will need to see what documentation that you have to prove your debt. Defendants in Michigan may asset the Statute of Frauds defense in Michigan, meaning that if your debt is over $1,000.00, there must be a writing to support it. However, there are many exceptions to this defense. Call or email Attorney Kevin Taylor to find out more.
Michigan has adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act. Under this Act, we take a judgment from outside of Michigan and turn it into a Michigan judgment. It then becomes collectible and enforceable as any other judgment in Michigan.
Collection agencies can write letters and make telephone calls to collect your debt. That’s it.  We are quicker and frequently far more cost effective to use than a collection agency.


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