We frequently work with other attorneys and their clients to collect judgments. This usually happens when a Plaintiff’s attorney sues someone only to later discover that the defendant was uninsured. Other times, we are brought into a case, post judgment, because debt collection is something of an art and the trial attorney may need some assistance.

The referring attorneys are always highly skilled in areas of the law other than debt collection. They call on us for our debt collection services as they know that an uncollected judgment in their hands does not benefit their client or themselves, especially when the referring attorney obtained this judgment on a contingency basis. We are able to apply our collection skills to the judgment such as skip tracing and asset searching. When we collect on these otherwise uncollectible judgments, everyone makes money. This is just good business.

As collection attorneys, we can find debtors and their assets like no one else can. Being the aggressive lawyers we are, we liquidate defendant’s assets such as cars, boats and other assets until we reduce the judgment to cash.

If you are an attorney that has obtained
a judgment on behalf of your client, call us.

We have the expertise that you need to turn your client’s judgment into cash. Like you, we work on a contingency basis and we can help take that judgment across the goal line. Call or email, Attorney Kevin Taylor to discuss the collection options that exist to reduce your client’s judgment to cash. We have developed a program that encourages attorneys to forward judgments to us for collection.

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If you are owed money by a business or a consumer, call me, Attorney Kevin Taylor at (248) 223-1999 or email me at I will personally handle your collection matter quickly and get you your money.

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